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    Family Photography

    Family is all about relationships; Moms with dads, parents with kids, kids with kids, etc. My job is to illuminate these family connections and celebrate each member’s unique personality. A Family Beach Portrait session is all about fun and the beautiful environment we have here in Maine. There is a lot of smiling going on and occasionally some exploring. It all comes together in this photo documentary style Beach Photo Session. Got a really big family? No Problem we also do Family Reunions!

    Senior Portraits

    High School Senior Pictures by Robert Akers Photography

    Being a High School Senior is one of the best times of your life, a milestone that signifies a coming of age. It is one of the few times where your portrait really means something. I understand this and will work to give you High School Senior Pictures that show the real you. We will include your own location, your style of dress and your interests.

    We are looking for Seniors who have personality and want great pictures. So if you have an idea that will put your pictures on the Edge. I want you!!!

    Below is a slide show of a Senior who is an amazing pianist , and an even better person. Please click on it to watch

    Business Portraits / Headshots

    Executive, Business Portraits and Head Shots help you convey an image to your clients and the world about your business. Our goal at Robert Akers Photography is to help you develop and/or create the right look for your business with portraits.

    Executive Portraits are usually done in your office, at your place of business or on location. Great care is taken to make sure that your portrait has great lighting and composition. We will go over all of your thoughts and offer suggestions to make the most of your Executive Portrait.

    Commercial Photography

    Commercial Photography includes a large variety of Photography from Real Estate to Advertising and Product lines. Robert Akers Photography is here to give you images to use in your business. No matter what what the job, we can help you with all of your photographic needs. Call now for a free consultation.

    Hybrid Photography / Ecards

    This is the latest most exciting thing to happen in the Digital Age for allow you to get your message out to the world. Hybrid Photography is the melding of video and still photography, done with the purpose of letting people know who you are and what your business can do for them.

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