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Business Head Shots

A good business head shot connects your face to your business and your clients.  Literally it is the face of your business, especially to small and local businesses.  So many people are now coming to understand that hiring a professional is an investment in your business and your brand.  While any one with a cell phone can do it, here are the reasons a professional will do a better job and help your brand.  

  1. good lighting,      this takes years experience and the right equipment
  2. color and skin tones,    the right white balance and lighting makes all the difference
  3. choosing a clean background,     means color harmony, high or low key and some thing that is not distracting.
  4. retouching,   gives you a clean fresh look and does not take away all of your features.
  5. a professional consultation on how to prepare for your session.  Having done hundreds of head shots we offer advise on what and how we should proceed to accomplish you goals for a successful head shot.

  Serving Portland to Portsmouth Business Portraits for small and large businesses.

Multi Media Headshots

Why Choose Robert Akers Photography

    1. We work to give you a great images that are well thought out and look beautiful
    2. We do both Studio and location portraits
    3. Get custom retouching at no charge
    4. Get a second pose for only $25 more

We are in the business of making you look great.  Let us know what we can do for you!!

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