Family Portraits on Marginal Way Ogunquit, ME

Family Portraits on the Coast of Southern Maine are Amazing!


After Photographing families on the Coast of Maine going on 17 years now, I am still amazed at all of the different looks the beach has in my portraits.  One of my favorite is in Ogunquit on Marginal Way.  Marginal Way is a foot path that is about a mile and a quarter long.  As you walk it you notice all the beautiful scenery.  You can go down to the water on a sandy beach or onto the rocks. You can look out to the ocean and down to the coast, north and south. Each little cove looks different and it is a great balance of beach and rocky coast of Maine.  

I have a three groups to show you that were photographed on Marginal Way.  And as crazy as it is none of them are from Maine, they all came up on vacation.  The first Family came up from Pennsylvania and ran a small chain of restaurants.  They had been coming up for years and I was lucky enough to be their photographer.  They were the only ones who had ever purchased a silhouette wall  portrait.  I can only imagine how great it looks in there living room.

Brother and Sister Portraits Session on Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine


My next group is a brother and sister who have been coming to Ogunquit for years.  She was in the New York Fashion industry for years and was very successful.  The brother was also very successful also.  They were both very humble and got along great.  Even though the day was over cast we went out and had a great time.  Using my light set up I was able create some really great portraits.  This is the only brother sister portrait session I have ever done and I think it is so relevant.  Family is forever and now that they have each had their own careers they still have each other as a base of support to enjoy their lives. And God forbid one should pass, the other will have these beautiful images to remember the times they were together.  I have seen this over and over with families that have done portraits with grandparents. 

Family Portrait with Grandparents in Ogunquit, ME

This was a beautiful evening for a Family Portrait session.  This family had mom, dad, the grandparents and grandchildren.  With young children, sometimes they are not feeling as you can see in the first picture.  But, good news, she came around and not they all have beautiful family portraits in their homes.  

The above pictures are actually on the land side of Marginal Way.  As you walk the path you will see some very nice home and landscapes.  As well as many look out point with the Atlantic Ocean for 270 degrees.  This makes for a great ocean pano with your phone while we set up for the next family portrait.


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