Business Portraits / Headshots


Profile Pictures and Business Headshots

As we move more and more into a virtual world to communicate, our image/pictures can help us to connect with others.  Whether its business or social our pictures tell a lot about us.  The right clothing, the right expression, the right lighting, the right camera angle, the right framing and background are all parts of the story that is you and or your business.  Yet most people come in and say, ” Hi Bob, I need a head shot (or profile picture), can you help me out”?  And of course my answer is “yes I can”  But, they thought all they needed was a picture.   OK , it’s a start!  They want to look good.  Got it! 

From here we need to know three things, One what looks good to the client?  Two, what looks good to the people who are going to see their picture?  Three, what is the message the image needs to tell people looking at it.

    Here are some good messages pictures send?

I am approachable

I am strong

I am smart

I am friendly

you can trust me  

I can help you

     Here are some messages we may not want to send

I didn’t care what this picture looked like

I didn’t check the background

I don’t know anything about good lighting

I have no understanding of color coordination

I didn’t do my hair, brush my teeth or take a shower today

    Now, some of the things i have mentioned in the last part may have seemed out there….but we have all seen examples of what I am talking about and said to ourselves, “What were they thinking”

The answer was either I didn’t care or I didn’t know.  If the answer is, I don’t care, well you may not want to pay money for me to take  your picture.  But, if the answer was, I didn’t know, I can help you.  I have a conversation with every person I photograph before they come in and we talk about how we are going to create images for you that will send the message you want to people to know about you.

    Here is what I will ask.

What is the picture for?   website, business cards, social media etc.

Who are you and what do you do?

What message do you want to send to the world with this image?

Easy right, you know the answers!!!  Good.  So now we move to how do we convey this in your picture?  And the answer is with Lighting, Posing, Expression, wardrobe and composition.  So unless, you have been creating portraits for a couple of decades this could be a challenge to DIY.  

Here is the last thing you should know about what I do.  My job is not to make you something you are not.  It is to help you be authentic in you image, while putting your best self forward.

Let us help you to create pictures that do the job.  Make you look great and send the message you want your audience to receive.  Just reach out and we will get started.

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