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Location Business Portraits

Location Business Portraits, What makes them better for many businesses? Lets take a look at having  a business portrait created on the premises of your business and how the client perceives the image.  Most people […]

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How to get the best head shot for your business DIY Part 2 (The Office)

  Integrating head shots with group shots and your web page.  In this post I will show you some different looks that were played with for group of financial advisors.  At first we started of […]

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Family pictures at Point Sebago, Maine

Family Portraits at Point Sebago in Maine   In 2015, I went to my Springfield College reunion and reconnected with many people I had not seen in 30 years. One person happened to hire me […]

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Business Headshots for Multimedia, ID, and Marketing

Business Head Shots A good business head shot connects your face to your business and your clients.  Literally it is the face of your business, especially to small and local businesses.  So many people are […]

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