Family & Beach Portraits

Family Portraits are the history of your family

Why have a Family Portrait created?

In 1961 I was born and there are many baby pictures and pictures of me growing up.  And there are pictures of my sisters as well.  This is great !!  So what is missing…….  Family Portraits.  Well, I can tell you I do not have one picture of both sisters and my parents.  And 75 percent of the families I have photographed had never done a family portrait before.  You see where I am going.  A family is together forever in a family portrait: the parents, the children, the grandparents maybe the grand or great grand children.

Family Pictures for your children

The gift of a family portrait helps bring back memories of being together. This is never more evident than when we lose a family member.  The real gift of a family portrait is not for mom or dad, although they love having family pics of the kids growing up. The real gift is for the children and grand children having pictures with their parents and grandparents when they are no longer with us.  I know this first hand and remember it every time I am creating family portraits for my clients.  We do as many groupings as possible so they will have these lasting images with the people they love.  My inspiration comes from my family.  Both my children have pictures of themselves with each parent, each other and all of us together.

A Maine Family Portrait

So, lets make a historical picture of your family a work of art.  Lets make it so beautiful everyone will enjoy looking at it. Every portrait session I do begins with a conversation about what you want, what to wear, where it will be done and the time it will be done.  All of these elements add up to an amazing family portrait.

Maine, the way life should be !  We have some of the most incredible places to do family portraits.  We have mountains, Lakes, Forests, and yes the Maine coast.  I photograph everywhere but most of the time it is on the Southern Maine Coast.  And wow, is it beautiful.   Sand, Seagrass, Rocks, and rolling waves of the Atlantic.  Not to mention the local bridges, harbors and amazing sunsets.  I hope you enjoy looking through many of the families I have photographed.  Perhaps they will give you ideas for your family.  I know of so many locations that give you the beauty of Maine and your family.  Please, give me a call and we can talk about what you would like to have for your home.

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