New England Headshots

Executive and Business Portraits as well as Head Shots help you convey an image to your clients.  They reflect your professionalism and competency in an instant  Our goal at Robert Akers Photography is to help you develop and/or create the right look for your business with portraits.

Business Headshot_03

Head Shot Glamour

Executive Portrait 2

Executive Business Portrait

Business Portrait_03

Head Shot Classic










Business Portrait_01

Head Shot Classic

Executive Portrait

Executive Business Protrait

Business Headshot_04

Business Portrait










Here is a young actress we photographed this week.

Acting Headshot

A well done Executive Portraits can be done in the office or on the work floor.  It is well thought out for what it says to the world.  We will discuss all of the points needed for your images before we start.  Considerations often used in the design of your portrait may include your company branding, the type of work you do and the message you want to send to your clients.  If needed we will bring in professional hair and makeup.

Business Portraits and Head Shots are done with just as much care but on a smaller scale.  They can be done on location or in our studio.  In most cases we use a studio background and lighting. If your company needs a large number of head shots done we are capable of meeting your needs with the same high level of quality.  We work with you to set up a schedule and can set up at your location, no need to travel to us.

People use our Executive, Business Portraits and Head Shots for many things.  These might include, Wall Portraits, Business cards, Company Directories, Websites, Brochures, Annual Reports and many other electronic and printed materials