Passport Photo Processor



Passport Photos

Passport photos are what I like to call international mug shots.  My goal is to give you the best international mug shot I can.  First we start with great lighting, it’s actually a form of glamor lighting.  Good news, it reduces wrinkles and gives you a great glow.  Bad news, it is not very artistic.

Many people try to create passport photos at home and it can be challenging.   Some countries are very strict about Size, Ratio of face to background space, color and brightness of back ground, dimensions of the print and expression.  This leads to a photo getting rejected.   So they have to re-apply and wait again for approval.  Unfortunately this can cost another couple hundred dollars to re-apply for some countries.

Here in my studio I do a lot of passport photos for Australia, Canada, USA and countries in Europe and around the world.  Experience is the key to getting it right the first time.  So, if you need a Canadian passport, a United States passport or any other passport call today to set up a time to create your passport photo.  The process takes about an hour from start to when you receive your prints.

Just recently the Australian consulate has made us a recommended passport photographer.  We are the only Photographer listed for Maine on their site.   Please give us a call to set up a time to create your passport photo.