Sports Photography

There are very few things more important to our young adults than sports.  For the most part the only pictures you will get are with a phone or the school sports photos.  Now these photos are important and you will love them all your life. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have something more like a sports poster than a 5×7 you took with your phone (if you even bother to have a print made).

Now what if you could have an image of like the pro’s have… the kind you see in magazines or in advertising.  A sports picture the makes your athlete look like a pro!!!  What about dramatic lighting or action effects, maybe something surreal.  The sky is the limit.  I photograph hundreds of a couple thousand sports pictures a year and with each one I look at the lighting the posing and the expression to give the athlete a look that says they are serious about their sport.  Why?  Why not???  America is in love with sports and as a graduate of Springfield College I believe that sports make you a better person.  They teach you goals, commitment and working with team members on a common goal.  And, it is a journey.  What better way to remember a journey you were on than great pictures.

Most of the time I includes some sports pictures in my senior portrait sessions because it is important the rest of the time I create images and Banners for school sports, travel teams and individuals in big games.  If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, just give me a call and we will see what we can come up with for ideas!!